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Profit Margins, Inc.
PO Box 3425
Barrington, IL 60011

Profit Margins, Inc.

Profit Margins, Inc. Mail Order Fulfillment, Phone Order Fulfillment and Web site Order Fulfillment Consulting

PCI Compliant & BBB A+ rating


Founded in 1997 by The Marginator,

Profit Margins, Inc. has saved clients over $74,473,015 by uncovering money that could be saved and by implementing tried and true profit-making programs.

As a direct marketing and fulfillment operational consulting company, Profit Margins works with your team to create money-making efficiencies for direct marketing fulfillment operations. Key areas we focus on:

  • Discuss and identify results that are important to you

  • Evaluate where you are today
  • Verify our observations
  • Recommend proven solutions to improve your bottom line
  • Get Marginized®! Implement and streamline with your Team
  • Monitor results

The Marginator® uses her distinctive hands-on approach to work one-on-one with each department that will be affected by the process.

Who have we helped?

    • Direct response marketing companies who outsource order processing, customer service and fulfillment
    • Order Processing and Fulfillment companies
    • Customer Service departments and outsourced solutions
    • Companies who do their own in-house processing, customer service and fulfillment

Would you like to know what our clients say? Click on each service for a powerful testimonial.

  • "Profit Margins 'Save the Order' work for MBM has saved us well over $100,000 in the first six months..." - we save your unprocessable orders in our Save the Order program
  • "Profit Margins...reversed 67% of our chargebacks this year!" - Don’t just accept chargebacks - our Chargeback Reversal service routinely reverses at least 50+%
  • "By using Profit Margins to regularly test our entire customer experience we continually get meaningful feedback and helpful suggestions..." With our Test Order service you can see your business through customer’s eyes
  • We have "...more satisfied customers, shorter calls, fatter bottom line. Simple. And very affordable. We've used Profit Margins to help us improve our customer service since 2003 and we suggest you do, too." With Customer Service Monitoring – we listen to them & tell you
  • "Since we had started out as a small company, our processes were manual. That worked fine when we were small, but Marge showed us what our lack of automation was REALLY costing us..." Processor evaluations – we're operational efficiency experts
  • Cost and profit evaluations
  • Invoice audit and cost per order analysis
  • Shipping cost evaluations and savings
  • Packaging costs evaluations and savings
  • Phone cost evaluations
  • Vendor Negotiations – we’ll get you the best deal when you outsource order processing, fulfillment and/or customer service

Our Team

Background and Experience

Profit Margins has a Team with the following expertise:

  • President of Profit Margins offering recovery services since 1997.
  • Vice President of Operations at Roy Thomas, Inc. 20 years’ experience running in-house data entry and 24/7 call center for a $100,000,000 direct mail company.
  • Call Center Director with 40 years customer service experience specializing in training, role playing, script writing and monitoring.
  • CPA with 20+ years’ auditing and accounting experience.
  • Save the Order Team has worked 514,051 orders & saved $6,808,406 worth of orders (2001 to present)
  • Credit Card Dispute Team has worked over 564,445 chargebacks and reversed $23,322,999! (2001 to present)
  • Declined Order Recovery Team has worked over 2,092,249 rejected orders and reactivated $18,586,143 worth of orders (2005 to present)
  • Undeliverable & Delivery Exception Shipments 58,658 reviewed $1,045,568 reshipped (2014 to present)
  • Fraud prevention over the limit orders reviewed 855,024 with $24,709,899 verified and released for shipment (2017 to present)
Let’s explore how we can save you money, keep the profits on your bottom line and enhance the customer service you deliver!

The bottom line is that we help YOUR bottom line.